The Professionals: Blu-ray captures

In The Professionals image library, the following episodes from series 2 have been recaptured from Blu-ray for improved image quality and the collections expanded:
  • Hunter, Hunted
  • First Night
For both of these episodes the previous image collections were from videotape, which means the change in image quality between those and the Blu-ray captures is quite substantial. Here are both versions of the same image, for comparison:



You can see why I'm very happy to get these restored Blu-ray releases. (The previous DVD releases had higher resolution than the videotapes, but I think the print quality was worse -- very faded and yellowed.)

It'll be a little while before I continue with series 2, because I really need to get The Desolation of Smaug done, but wanted to get these episodes posted now.

The Professionals: Blu-ray captures

I have begun updating images in The Professionals frame capture collection with new captures from the Blu-ray disks, which provide an amazing improvement in image quality. I had become quite discouraged with trying to collect images from the DVDs, because the prints used for those were so faded and yellowed that there was no way to make the captures look even halfway decent. The Blu-ray releases have certainly rectified that problem; this is actually the first time I've seen The Professionals with good color reproduction. You can even make out the strange color of Doyle's eyes (a sort of greyish aquamarine.)

I have finished updating the collections for the first six episodes, and will be working my way through the rest of series 1 and 2, for which the Blu-ray releases are currently available. After some deliberation, I am presenting the images at 1080x810 resolution. The raw captures from the Blu-ray disks are 1440x1080, but while they are quite large, they are also distinctly grainy. Shrinking the dimensions to three-quarters the original size cleans up the graininess while still providing a fairly large image.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. update

In The Man From U.N.C.L.E. library, I have added a set of frame captures from the cinematic film The Spy With My Face. This is the film that corresponds to the television episode "The Double Affair", and most of the images are the same as the ones for that episode, but the collection for the film is in color and has a fair amount of additional footage, adding 167 new images to the set.

I was planning for this to coincide with the 50th anniversary festivities, but Real Life interfered to delay it a little bit.

Wizards and Warriors comes to framecaplib

Warner Archives has finally released the short-lived 1983 series Wizards and Warriors on DVD. (You can buy it here.) This is an old favorite of mine, and I will be adding the series to framecaplib. I have opened the section with 294 images from the first episode that aired, "The Unicorn of Death". I'll be adding the others as time allows; I have some in-progress work in other sections of the site to finish first.

You can find the new collection here.