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Lisa's Video Frame Capture Updates
Update log for framecaplib.com
The Professionals: Blu-ray captures 
27th-Nov-2014 01:41 pm
In The Professionals image library, the following episodes from series 2 have been recaptured from Blu-ray for improved image quality and the collections expanded:
  • Hunter, Hunted
  • First Night
For both of these episodes the previous image collections were from videotape, which means the change in image quality between those and the Blu-ray captures is quite substantial. Here are both versions of the same image, for comparison:



You can see why I'm very happy to get these restored Blu-ray releases. (The previous DVD releases had higher resolution than the videotapes, but I think the print quality was worse -- very faded and yellowed.)

It'll be a little while before I continue with series 2, because I really need to get The Desolation of Smaug done, but wanted to get these episodes posted now.
27th-Nov-2014 10:46 pm (UTC)
Wow, what a difference. Thanks for doing this. I don't say it enough, but it's a great archive and it's appreciated.