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Lisa's Video Frame Capture Updates
Update log for framecaplib.com
The Professionals: frame capture updates 
24th-Feb-2008 01:25 am
After a long hiatus, I am resuming additions to "The Professionals" section of my frame capture library. The following updates have just been made:

"Old Dog with New Tricks": recaptured from DVD and expanded (57 new images)
Added to the library:
        "Killer with a Long Arm"
        "Where the Jungle Ends"
        "Long Shot"

I plan to work my way through the DVDs, adding new episodes and re-doing the collections for the ones I previously did from videotape. Most of the latter sets will probably be expanded, as I tend to take more frames from DVDs than from videotape (the image quality is better, and it's easier to capture them.)

I'll post an announcement when I have a new batch uploaded to the site, usually a couple of episodes at a time. If you wish to receive the announcements directly by email, you can subscribe to my update list at http://www.framecaplib.com/updates.htm. This is an announcement-only list; the only posts will be from me when I have added new material to the site. The update schedule will be irregular, depending on how much time I have. (I'm also working on other sections of the site.)

The frame capture library can be found at: